Shimano RT-CL900 Disc Brake Rotor - Centerlock | Ice-Tech Freeza

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Shimano RT-CL900 Disc Brake Rotor - Centerlock | Ice-Tech Freeza

With the aim of preventing heat-induced deformation, Shimano has reinforced the alloy carrier and optimized the arm shape in the RT-CL900 brake disc. The result is not only a smoother, but also quieter braking experience. With the help of the proven Ice-Technologies Freeza design, the disc at the level of the Dura Ace R9200 series provides first-class, consistently stable braking performance even on long and steep descents.

The key to outstanding braking performance is rapid heat dissipation, which is achieved with the help of a special coating and the so-called sandwich construction (stainless steel - aluminum - stainless steel). This results in a significantly lower surface temperature, which in turn ensures less fading, a more consistent brake modulation as well as higher braking power, while at the same time less brake noise and a longer life of the brake pads.


Highlights of the Shimano RT-CL900 brake disc

  • reliable, smooth and quiet braking performance
  • excellent heat dissipation for first-class braking performance on long, steep descents
  • Ice-Tech Freeza design
  • sandwich construction (stainless steel - aluminum - stainless steel)
  • special coating for even faster heat reduction
  • Centerlock mount


rotor: stainless steel / aluminum (polished)
spider: aluminum (painted)

Weight (manufacturer's specification):

approx. 96 g (140 mm)
approx. 114 g (160 mm)

Scope of supply:

1 brake disc rotor incl. lock ring